Dr. Muhammad Ghulam Abbas Malik

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
University of Jeddah
P O Box 80221
Jeddah, 21589,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Email: mgmalik@uj.edu.sa      mgmalik@kau.edu.sa (Off) and abbas.malik@gmail.com

Phone: +966 (0)2 695 2000 Ext 74206
Mobile: +966 (0)5 37 14 35 45

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Invited Talks and Tutorials

Talks and Tutorials

  • Combining Finite-state Machines and Statistical Language Models for Urdu to Hindi Transliteration
    XEROX Research Center Europe, Grenoble, France (July 2009)

    We report in this paper a novel hybrid approach for Urdu to Hindi transliteration that combines finite-state machine (FSM) based techniques with statistical word language model based approach. The output from the FSM is filtered with the word language model to produce the correct Hindi output. The main problem handled is the case of omission of diacritical marks from the input Urdu text. Our system produces the correct Hindi output even when the crucial information in the form of diacritic marks is absent. The approach improves the accuracy of the transducer-only approach from 50.7% to 79.1%. The results reported show that performance can be improved using a word language model to disambiguate the output produced by the transducer-only approach, especially when diacritic marks are not present in the Urdu input.

  • Computational Linguistics: a Case Study of Punjabi
    Oriental College, University of the Punjab, Pakistan (January 2009)

  • Statistical Machine Translation
    Punjab University College of IT, University of the Punjab, Pakistan (December 2010)

  • Urdu/Punjabi Font Development
    Punjab University College of IT, University of the Punjab, Pakistan (May 2005)