CPIT 305 - Advanced Programming
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Course Description

  • Course Code: CPIT 305
  • Course Title: Advanced Programming
  • Course Instructor: M. G. Abbas Malik
  • Weekly Class Timing:
    • Section BAN: 0800 - 0920 on Monday & Wednesday (Location: Faculty of Computing Labs - Lab # 8)
  • Office Hours: 0900 - 1100 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (Office # 20)

Lab Information

  • Lab Tutor:
    • Mr. Mahboob Ali
  • Lab Location and Timing:
    • Section BAN: 1400 - 1520 on Monday in LAB 8

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Slides Revisitng Recursion
Topics Covered: What is recursion? What is Mathematical Induction? Proo by Mathematical, Induction. Recusive Functions, Sets and Sequences. Recursive structures. Recursive algorithms. Recursion Vs. Iteration.
Slides Revisting Object Oriented Programming
Topics Covered:
Objects, Classes, Class Fields, Class Methods, Access Modifiers, Constructors, Instance of a class, Instantiation, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Reuse, Inheritance, Polymorphism, OO Modelling

Slides Exception Handling
What is an Excpetion? How to handle an Exception? Types of Excpetion. Java Model for Exceptions and its classes. Checked and Unchecked Exceptions. Custom Exception Class.
Slides File Handling in Java
File class. File Input and Output. Reading and Writing Data from and in the File. Scanner class for reading data from the file. PrintWriter class for writing data in the file. Replacing text. Reading data from the web.
Slides Stream and Binary I/O
I/O Streams. Text Vs. Binary Streams. Binary I/O classes. Data I/O classes. End-of-File Marker. Buffered Stream Classes. Object I/O classes. Serializable Objects - ArrayList class and arrays. Random Access Files

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