CPCS 302 - Compiler Construction
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Course Description

  • Course Code: CPCS 302
  • Course Title: Compiler Costruction
  • Course Instructor: M. G. Abbas Malik
  • Weekly Class Timing:
    • Section CAN: 1100 - 1150 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thurssday (Location: LAB Builing)
  • Office Hours: 0900 - 1100 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (Office # 20)

Lab Information

  • Lab Tutor:
    • Mr. Saud
  • Lab Location and Timing:
    • Section CAN: 1430 - 1550 on Tuesday in LAB 8

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Slides Introduction to Programming Languages and Computer System
Slides Chapter 2: Simple Syntax Direted Translation Process
Slides Chapter 3: Lexical Analysis
Role of Lexical Analyser. Specifications of Tokens.Recognition of Tokens. Language for Specifying lexical analyzers. Finite Automata. From Regular Expressions to an NFA. Optimizing DFA-based pattern matches.
Slides Chapter 4: Syntax Analysis
Formalisms for Syntax Analysis. Context Free Grammars. Derivations. Concrete and Abstract Syntax Trees. Ambiguities.

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