CPCS 202 - Programming I
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Course Description

  • Course Code: CPCS 202
  • Course Title: Programming I
  • Course Instructor: M. G. Abbas Malik
  • Weekly Class Timing:
    • Section FAN: 0800 - 0850 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (Location: NJ4 Room 106A)
    • Section DAN: 0800 - 0850 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (Location: NJ4 Room 106A)
    • Section EAN: 1000 - 1050 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (Location: NJ4 Room 106A)
    • Section XAN: 1000 - 1050 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (Location: NJ4 Room 106A)
  • Office Hours: 0900 - 0950 & 1200 - 1300 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (Office # 20)

Lab Information

  • Lab Tutor:
    • Mr. Mahboob Ali
  • Lab Location and Timing:
    • Section EAN: 1300 - 1420 on Sunday in LAB 7
    • Section XAN: 1400 - 1520 on Monday in LAB 7
    • Section FAN: 1300 - 1420 on Tuesday in LAB 7
    • Section DAN: 1300 - 1420 on Thursday in LAB 7

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Download the Book examples: Examples

Slides Chapter 1: Introduction of Programming
Topics Covered: What is a computer? How Man and Machine Communicate with each other? What is a Operating System? What is Machine Code? A little History of computer systems. What are programming Languages? What is an Assembler? What is a Compiler? What is a program? How we create a Java program? How a java program compiles?
Slides Chapter 2: Elementary Programming
Topics Covered:
Writing a simple programs. Reading input from the console. Identifiers. Variables. Assignment statements and assignment expressions. Named Constants. Numeric Data Types and operations. Shorthand operators. Numeric Type Conversions. Character Data type and operations. String Data type. Programming Styles and Documentation. Programming Errors. Graphical User Interface (GUI) input

Slides Chapter 3: Selections
Boolean Data Type. IF statement. Two way IF statement. Nested IF statemet. Errors in selection statement (IF). Logical operators. Switch statement. Conditional expressions. Formating Console Output printf() Method. Operator precedece and associativity.
Slides Chapter 4: Loops
while Loop. Loop Design Strategies. Controlling a Loop with sentinal value. do-while Loop. for Loop. Nested Loops. Minimizing Numerical Errors.
Slides Chapter 5: Methods
Defining a method. Invoking a method with a return value. Invoking a method without a return value. Parametters or arguments passing by value and by reference. Reusability and Modulation of the code. Scope of the variables. Method Overloading. Methods of Math class. Top-down and Bottum-Up approaches for designing the methods.
Slides Chapter 6: Arrays
Declaring an Array. Creating Array. Array Size. Array Index variables. Array initialization. Processing Array. For Each Loop. Copying Array. Passing Array to methods. Returning Array from a method. Variable length argument lists.

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